Katie Price to file for divorce after only a year

Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price has decided to get divorced from Cage fighter Alex Reid after just one year, apparently falling out of love with him because he lost a fight.

The model, who has turned her life into a media circus, married Alex Reid last February after breaking up with former husband Peter Andre.

A friend of Katie Price spoke to the Sun this morning and revealed some extraordinary revelations about their split.

According to her friend, the pair were doomed as soon as Alex Reid lost his cage fight against Tom Watson. Katie no longer saw him as the man for her after he didn’t meet her expectations.

The friend told the sun, “She decided the only way to get through to Alex was to hurt him – a skill at which she is very adept.

“She told him the moment he lost his fight to Watson she fell out of love with him.

“The truth is Alex fought like a warrior and was left with awful injuries. But instead of being proud, Katie felt shame he hadn’t lived up to her expectations.”

The friend went on to reveal what had happened at the meeting between the paid when Alex agreed to a divorce.

“It started well with Katie saying she still cared for Alex. But as soon as he started to put his point of view across she erupted.

“She stood up and turned on the telly while he was talking and behaved like a spoilt child.”

Katie has to wait at least a year after the marriage before she can get a divorce, which means she has to wait until next Thursday.

The friend said: “Katie is chomping at the bit to file papers but has been told she has to wait until the one-year marker.

“She told Alex she will petition for divorce as soon as possible, which is a week on Thursday. He has agreed. This is one of several significant gestures on his part but he still wants to make sure he gets a good deal.”

So with Katie filing for divorce what next for the duo? Katie has been rumoured to be due to appear on the X Factor, and Alex is likely to talk about the wedding in the future, desperate to milk everything he can from it. Whilst the marriage may be over, I very much doubt this is the last we hear of it.

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