Katie Price still sleeping with Alex and claims Pete probably still in love with me

Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price, aka Jordan, has hit out at ex husband Peter Andre, saying he is pure evil, and is probably still in love with her.

An a bizarre rant the glamour model also admitted she is still sleeping with second ex husband Alex Reid, despite divorcing him earlier this month.

Katie was referring to reports that Pete has started compiling a dossier of her behaviour in a bid to win custody of the kids.

Pete, who is now dating Frank Lampard’s ex, Elen Rivas, reported Katie to the police after their daughter, Princess, came back from a skiing holiday with Katie with a burn mark on her arm from a sauna.

Katie said of Pete, “Over on Pete’s side, it is pure evil.”

“He’s probably still in f*****g love with me – there’s a thin line between love and hate.”

Talking about second ex, cage fighter Alex Reid, she said, “Yeah, he still comes to the house but we’re not together.

“Do I go and f*** Joe Public or do I go and f*** an ex? Can anyone here tell me they’ve never f****d an ex.

“We are still friends, we are adult and amicable… It’s completely different from Pete.”

Peter Andres camp responded with a statement from a family friend which said, “Peter is as devoted a father as he could possibly be.

“He is the one who keeps the children in a safe environment and spends every second he can with them.

“He treats Harvey as his own and loves all the kids equally.

“And this woman has the audacity to make these statements? It can only be assumed she had taken leave of her senses.”

Katie is currently in LA for the Oscars, where she has been attacked on more than one occasion by the American press, and is rumoured to be struggling to borrow a dress for the big event.

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