Katie Price reflects on two years of hell

katie price AKA jordan lingerie book signing

katie price AKA jordan lingerie book signing

Glamour Model Katie Price has reflected on the last year years, and described them as ‘hell’ in a recent interview.

The reality TV star lives her life in the public eye, and admitted that she knows people ‘hate’ her for what she does.

Speaking to the Daily Star she said, “Look, I’ve had pretty much two years from hell.”

“There are those who want to see me destroyed and they’ll stop at nothing to ruin everything I’ve worked for. I know I make a living from promoting myself but I’m shocked at how much some people hate me and how some people lie about me.

“The trouble is newspapers and magazines are taken in by lies about me because they know it sells too. Everyone who wants to make a name for themselves simply links themselves to me, comes up with some crap and, bingo, they’re on the front page and getting their own reality TV show.”

She added, “All I’ve ever done is try to be honest about my feelings and how I behave. My life is an open book and okay, so that gets me in trouble but I accept that and I know I make mistakes. I just wish other people would be as truthful about the way they behave.”

“I’m not feeling sorry for myself and I don’t cry easily but the last few months have been the worst ever and yes, I’ve been in tears,” she said. “The stress of my divorce from Alex and all the stuff hanging over from Pete is enormous. However I am not having a breakdown nor have I ever been close.

“Okay I let off steam and have a drink occasionally, sometimes too many, to cope with pressure but that’s not unusual, surely? The children always come first and I have to stay strong for them,” she added.

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