Katie Melua suffers breakdown after quick rise to stardom

katie melua

katie melua

Pop star Katie Melua has revealed that she has suffered a breakdown after her rapid rise to fame.

The 26 year-old had a brief stay in hospital last year after struggling to come to terms with the success of her debut single ‘The Closest Thing to Crazy’.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the star blamed her heavy workload for her breakdown, saying, “I’ve had a bit of a breakdown and been very unwell… I had to drop out for a bit.”

She added, “The fact is, I just couldn’t go on any longer. I knew there was something seriously wrong because I was just sitting in a chair staring into space.”

Britain’s biggest selling female artist, Katie went on to say, “I was working myself into the ground.”

The stars spokesperson said that she had now recovered fully from her problems.

She said: “She’s looking forward to going back on tour which was meant to take place last year but was postponed.

“She was working non-stop for about seven years and her body just said ‘enough is enough’.”

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