Karen Barber saves Jason’s job as complaints reach ridiculous Brand and Ross levels

Karen Barber

Karen Barber

Karen Barber may have saved Jason Gardiners job as over 3,500 complaints pour in about his comments on last week’s show.

Last week’s show, which saw Jason tell Karen, ‘If your opinion still mattered, you’d be on the panel,’ had led to only 497 initial complaints, but in true British style, over 3,000 more have poured in as it has emerged that Karen may actually have saved Jason’s job.

The former judge and current head coach has reportedly asked show bosses not to sack the outspoken judge, and a source told the Daily Mirror newspaper that Karen had told bosses, ‘Don’t fire him, I just want to move on,’ and added she ‘just wants to put the whole thing in the past now.’

Jason yesterday admitted his job was in jeopardy after the huge number of comments that came flooding in, but a spokesperson for ITV confirmed that he would be fine, and that he’d had a chat with producers and that was to be the end of it.

It’s not the first time the media has sparked a reaction. Just last year Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand received just two complaints for their answer phone message left on Andrew Sachs phone, but a week later over 18,000 people complained, most of whom hadn’t even heard the show before.

Are we going mad in Britain, or is it just our culture to jump on a media bandwagon and make scapegoats out of anyone?

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