Kardashian praises faultless boyfriend

kim kardashian

kim kardashian

30 year-old socialite Kim Kardashian revealed she can’t find any faults with basketball star boyfriend, Kris Humphries, after only a few months with him.

Kim said of Kris, who she’s been dating since December,  ”I think I haven’t found one thing wrong with him, let’s just put it like that.”

She said she was very happy, but didn’t have any plans for a family for the time being.

When asked about kids she said, “Not anytime soon. But I never know what the future holds.”

Kris has also spoken out about his love for Kim, saying,  ”Kim is a great girl. Everything about her is terrific.”

“You know I play basketball and she has all her things that she does that makes it busy. But you just have to have fun every opportunity that you have with each other.”

26 year-old Kris also revealed he is a big fan of Kims huge family, and loves spending time with them.

He added: “They’re a great family and they’re all great to be around.”

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