Jordans ex hits out at Reid sympathy

Dane Bowers

Dane Bowers

One of Jordans ex flings, Dane Bowers has hit out at the amount of public sympathy for Alex Reid, saying he doesn’t understand why everyone feels so sorry for him following his divroce from the glamour model.

Bowers spoke to the News of the World and insisted that Reid had dated the model to become famous, and was now reaping the rewards.

“I don’t know why people feel sorry for him,” he said. “It frustrates me when people say poor Alex, because I don’t think that’s the way.

“I think Alex should be the first person to say he wanted to be famous – he has admitted that before. To sit there and say poor Alex, he still got what he wanted.”

He continued, “At the end of the day he wouldn’t be famous if it wasn’t for Kate, he wouldn’t have no money if it wasn’t for Kate so to sit there and feel sorry for him, I don’t get that. You got to remember that she is the one worth all the money and she is the one that made it all happen for him no matter what he says.

“He made a great name for himself in Big Brother – he was a lovely lad in Big Brother. People warmed to him and he should have kept on that vibe.”

The 31-year-old added: “If he is going for money that would be absolute idiot – but I don’t think he is. I would hope he isn’t.”

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