Jonathan Ross: Defends His BBC Salary

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross has spoken out about the criticism against his multi-million pound salary paid by the BBC.

Turned down millions

Speaking to Richard Bacon on BBC Radio 5 Live, Ross claimed that he had in fact ‘turned down millions’ offered to him by the BBC to stay with the cooperation instead of signing off for ITV. He ended his 13 years at the BBC to launch a new ITV1 chat show airing on September 3rd 2011.

The move came after Ross’ on air antics which consequently led to the “Sachsgate” scandal.

Ross has stated that he did not believe that was being paid too much and he went on to say that the money may seem like a lot to someone who is in a regular job, but he himself is not one of those people. He is in show business and that he was at the top of the game.

Ross says that he had been unfairly portrayed as ‘greedy’ when the BBC had agreed on paying the salary. He has said that the BBC should have stated that he was ‘worth it’ to those critics questioning his salary. He further stated that the scrutiny over his salary combined with the “Sachsgate” scandal led him to make the decision to leave the cooperation.

Phone had been hacked

Elsewhere in an hour-long interview with Ross on BBC 5 Live, he claimed that his phone had been hacked by a newspaper. The chat show host claimed that he had been told by police that his number and the number of his wife had been found by officers investigating the phone- hacking scandal.

He went on to say that the numbers of his friends and agents were also found on the list. “It’s a horrible feeling” says Ross going on to question whether his phone calls were being listened to by a third party.

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