Johnny Depp Leads The Forbes Highest Paid Actor Top Ten List

Johnny Depp leads this years list after making 75 million over the last year.

Johnny Depp leads this years list after making 75 million over the last year.

Forbes has released their top 10 highest paid actors list, and these guys have truly brought home the bank. The total income from all 10 of the actors during the period of June 2009 to June 2010 was 349 million dollars. The list was released Wednesday.

Johnny Depp tops the list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. His take of 75 million dollars last year to June is easily enough to reign supreme above all other actors.

No one could have predicted Depp going on to become the highest paid actor in Hollywood, especially before the Pirates of the Caribbean in 2003. Prior to that he had done a couple much lessor known titles, Ed Wood and Fear and Loathing n Las Vegas.

His oddball performance tendencies eventually landed him in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which brought him, and the box office, much success. The entire Pirates franchise has earned a total of 2.7 billion at the box office.

Coming in second place with 53 million was Ben Stiller. He is well known for the Meet the Parents movies as well as for the Night at the Museum films.

In third place is Tom Hanks. He earned 45 million from June to June 2010. The movie Angels and Demons made up a large part of that, as well as a movie yet to be released, Larry Crowne.

Fourth Place goes to Adam Sandler this year. At 40 million , the movie Grown Ups helped him reach that milestone. Although it started slow, it is now his third highest growing film of all time at 230 million.

Fifth Place has leonardo di Caprio with 28 million. He had a couple of below average films in Body of Lies and Blood Diamond, but has rebounded nicely with Shutter Island and Inception.

The rest of the top 10 finish like so:

Daniel Radcliffe 25 million

Robert Downey Jr 22 million

Tom Cruise 22 million

Brad Pitt 20 million

George Clooney 19 million

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