Jessie J pleased her song saved a life

Jessie J

Jessie J

Number One hit artist Jessie J has revealed she was overwhelmed when she realised her song ‘Who You Are’ had actually saved someone’s life.

Jessie J revealed, “I got a letter recently saying someone was going to take their life but heard this song and now they’re back in college and dealing with things. It’s absolutely mental to think I had something to do with that turnaround. To have that now, already in my career, is amazing, but I do feel the pressure to write a better one.”

“It’s all about getting things in balance,” she continued. “Basically, I’m going to mime on stage sometimes, I’m going to wear things that people hate, I’m going to have relationships that people disapprove of, I’m going to swear on live TV. I’m not worried about making mistakes, everyone does.

“I’m just normal. I’m sick of this idea that because I’ve been signed to a record label I’ve got no cellulite, have perfect skin and a great a**e. I’m a human being, my teeth aren’t white and I get diarrhoea at the most awkward times, like everyone else,” she said.

Jessie J hopes her debut album, Who You Are, which is out on Monday, will do as well as her number one single has.

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