January Jones likes red carpet challenge



Mad Men actress January Jones has revealed she really enjoys the “challenge” of dressing for the red carpet.

Jones, who is now the face of Versace, said that she enjoyed trying to beat her previous outfit, although she did admit that being judged for what she wore was ‘silly’.

Jones said, “I enjoy being given the challenge of, ‘Wow, that was the best dress I’ve ever seen in my life, how am I going to up myself next time?

“Those red carpets, they’re so ridiculous, the judgement that goes along with what you’re going to an awards show is so silly that you have to have fun and take risks or it becomes really boring. I approach the way that I work the same way – I always want to challenge myself.”

Jones also talked about how she keeps trim, whilst still eating the odd cheeseburger. 33 year-old January admitted that she had to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to keep so slim, but wouldn’t not eat her favourite foods.

January added, “I like to be outdoors, I like to play tennis and hike or swim. If I’m in a city I’m walking everywhere.

“I’m careful with what I eat but I don’t deny myself if I feel like a cheeseburger.

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