Jackson: New Documentary About Singer’s Life

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

A new documentary about singer Michael Jackson has been released. It celebrates the life of the troubled singer, often rebutting his detractors. The documentary, “Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon” premiered in the UK last week at London’s Empire Leicester Square. Two of Jackson’s brothers, Rebbie and Tito, went to the premiere. The film interviewed fifty people about the singer’s life, most of who were quite close to Jackson. The film was produced by David Gest who said he aimed to set the record straight over the singer, who died of a drug overdose in 2009. Dr Conrad Murray has been convicted of manslaughter over the death for prescribing him a strong sedative in what has been described as a “reckless” manner.


Gest said he was inspired to make the film as he was tired of reading story after story about the singer which he says were “fictitious”. He says he wanted to make a film which would set the record straight and give audiences something new about the singer. The film has many interviews with close friends and family of Jackson who talk about their experience of him, as well as never before seen photographs and video of the famous singer. Michael Jackson’s mother had originally planned to be at the premiere, but decided to cancel her trip to London so she could be present at the final days of the trial of Conrad Murray.


Conrad Murray is expected to be sentenced for the manslaughter of Michael Jackson on November 29. He is currently on suicide watch following the verdict that found him guilty. During the trial he expected to be found innocent, painting Jackson as a man who was familiar with sedatives, such as propofol which killed him, and desperately seeking them to help him get some much needed sleep. The prosecution painted Murray as reckless with his prescription pad and showed proof that Murray had lied to investigators and failed to call for an ambulance in a timely manner.

The documentary is available across the UK on DVD and Blu-ray.

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