Isla – Depp the second hottest man on earth

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher has revealed she thinks Johnny Depp is the world’s second most sexy man, after her own husband, Sacha Baren Cohen of course.

Isla, famous for her role in Wedding Crashers, got to work with Depp on their new animated movie, Rango, as she voiced the character of his love interest.

Isla was meant to kiss him in the sound booth for one of the scenes, but didn’t get to snog the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

She revealed: “I was supposed to kiss him but on the day I had a little cold and so I didn’t want to do that with him – but he’s the second sexiest man in the world after my husband.”

Isla, who is married to Sacha, better known here as Ali G, was expecting Depp to be very serious and was pleasantly surprised by what a laugh he was.

She said: “I think what I was most surprised about with Johnny Depp is just how funny he is. I thought he was going to be a little more serious because he’s done quite a few dark movies but he has a great sense of humour.

“He’s very warm and I think he acknowledges the fact that people are a little bit freaked out to be acting opposite somebody of his status and so he puts you at ease and he’s a very nice man and I had a really great time.”

Isla said that Sacha wouldn’t mind her working with Depp, adding “Well they’re friends so it’s OK.”

The new film, Rango, will be in cinema’s on 4th March

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