Ireland and UK in top slots for Eurovision 2011



For the first time in many years, Irish and British performers have managed to secure top points at the Eurovision 2011 song contest.

Representing Ireland are the Irish twins John and Edward Grimes – known as Jedward – who first shot to fame in the 2009 series of ‘The X Factor’. The pair were disliked by Simon Cowell at the time, but they have managed to wow the audiences at the Eurovision semi-finals becoming one of 10 acts to make their way to the final on Saturday night.

Their synchronised robotic dance moves were complimented by their outrageous costumes – cartoon like styles with big-shouldered red sparkly jackets and tight black trousers.

They are not the only competitors off main-land Europe who have a chance to win the Eurovision contest. Jedward’s biggest threat could be from neighbors in the UK.

British boyband Blue performed their own song ‘I Can’ in a bid to win the contest. They used this 56th Eurovision as a platform to make a comeback after splitting over 7 years ago. “For us, Eurovision just seemed like the perfect platform. You’re reaching out to 125 million people, so in one fell swoop letting everyone know you’re back as a band.”

In their height of stardom back in 2001, Blue released 40 number one singles across the continent and sold 13 million albums. They will be stiff competition for Jedward.

Blue are serious about winning, stating “We’re in it to win it, for sure.”

Watch out Jedward.

France’s Amaury Vassili with his operatic song ‘I Would Dream About Her’ and Finland’s Paradise Oskar with his song ‘Da Da Dam’ are also big contenders at the final.

You can watch all the action of the final on BBC One tomorrow night at 8pm.

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