IPHONE: Launch of iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 4S

Apple’s latest version of the iPhone went on sale last week to much interest from Apple and gadget super fans. Selling more than 4 million units in 3 days the iPhone 4S looks to be hot on the tails of the record set by Microsoft’s Kinect gaming system which moved 8 million in 60 days to become the fastest-selling gadget in history.

End of an era

At present there are 25 million customers using the newest version of its operating system, this is staggering considering that a week has not passed since it was launched. Taking the iPhone 4S buyers out of the equation, this has meant that 21 million people have gone and upgraded their device, iPhone or iPad.

However, despite the hysteria surrounding the new gadget it does mark the end of an era. Alongside the animation studio Pixar and iPad, it marks the end to a lifetime’s dedication and effort for the very talented Steve Jobs but also the end of Apple as it was known.

The question many people will be asking is what separates the new iPhone from the models prior. Well, the stand out feature has to be the voice technology employed by the device. Using this you are able to talk to your device and can get it to carry out tasks using only the power of your voice.

Stirring up direct competition with Blackberry’s BBM service which is very popular Apple were not to be out done and as such have included their own instant messenger called unsurprisingly, iMessage. This allows iPhone users to send each other messages without having to pay for a text, again slowing marking the demise of the text messaging service.

Increase in performance

With the addition of the social media giant, Twitter, integrated into the phone as well as better gaming and a much improved camera Apple have taken the steps to improving their phone to compete in the market smart and Android phones.

The iPhone 4S has not raised the bar as much as the iPhone 4 but it has been a major increase in its performance with some nice additions, interest will still remain in the iPhone 5 and what that is expected to bring to the table.

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