How to turn Beyonce Knowles off



For the few men in the world who may want to turn Beyonce Knowles off, wear too much aftershave.

In the same week that Beyonce revealed she never leaves the house without wearing perfume herself, Knowles also revealed she doesn’t like me who wear too much aftershave.

Beyonce is married to hip hop star Jay-Z and said it was a lot sexier for a man to have a subtle scent.

Beyonce added, “A man should never be too overbearing with his scent. I’ve been in too many elevators next to too many men with strong aftershave and it’s a total turn-off. With men, a scent should be subtle, clean and fresh, and just make you want to lean in to smell more. That’s sexy.”

Beyonce has just launched her new scent, Heat Rush, and admitted Jay-Z consulted in making the scent, because she only wear perfumes he approves of.

She continued, “One of the most important aspects of my perfume is that they get his seal of approval. When you wear a perfume, you want your man to love it. He loves my scents because he was part of the decision-making process. I wouldn’t wear a scent of he didn’t like it.”

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