Holly Willoughby can’t keep it a secret any longer, it’s a baby girl!

holly willoughby

holly willoughby

Holly Willoughby the popular TV presenter announced this week that she will be adding to her brood with the addition of a baby girl.

The star went for her 20-week scan yesterday and was ecstatic to find her 20-month-old son will be joined by a little sister in May.

The 29-year-old said: “I had my 20-week scan yesterday, so Dan, myself and Harry found out what we’re having.

“I didn’t find out with Harry, but I found out this time and I can’t keep it a secret! It’s so exciting – Harry is going to have a little sister!”

‘This Morning’s’ co-host said she decided to make the announcement after she kept letting it slip that she was expecting a girl.

She joked: “When I went in to see David who does our wardrobe and he said, ‘Let’s see your bump after Christmas’ and I said, ‘There she is!’ Oops!

“So it was best to tell everyone before I put my foot in it!”

Speaking on ITV1′s ‘This Morning’ – which she co-hosts with Phillip Schofield – Holly added: “The only problem is, we had boys’ names, loads of boys’ names and we can’t think of a girls’ name. It’s hard.”

I’m sure she’d appreciate any name suggestions so let’s hear your best below in the comments section.

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