Helen Mirren would have fallen for Russell Brands ways

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren has revealed she can see why women have trouble resisting former womaniser, Russell Brand.

Russell is now married to Katy Perry, but appears to have changed his ways and appeared in The Tempest, alongside Mirren.

The pair also starred together in Arthur, which will be released soon, and Mirren spoke to the Guardian about the ladies man.

“The penny dropped for me fairly recently with Russell. The thing about him is he likes women, and not a lot of men do. That’s why women like him. He’s genuinely interested in us. Women melt in his presence.”

She also said she wouldn’t host the Oscars or something similar with the star, saying, “Oh, no, don’t. With Russell? Please! Anything could happen!”

Mirren also talked about how hard it is getting older. “There’s a scary moment when you realise you’re no longer the youngest person in the room. Especially if you’ve been a successful young person. That’s followed, of course, by the realisation that you’re actually the oldest person in the room. It’s all part of the natural progress of life.

“When you’re young, you wonder what all these old people are droning on about, trying to impart their wisdom. It’s not relevant to you because being young is such a specific thing. Thank God for that.”

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