Hayden Panettiere’s Film ‘Amanda Knox’ Slammed

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere

The television film ‘Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In Italy’, based on the real life murder of Meredith Kercher, has been slammed by the British student’s parents.

John Kercher described the film as “absolutely horrific”. The film included scenes of his daughter being grabbed by actors playing Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede.

Mr Kercher said: “To actually see it like this is very distressing. The scenes are absolutely horrific. It’s awful what these film people have done.”

Meredith’s mother also expressed her distress about the film. Mrs Kercher said: “I haven’t seen the film or the video but it sounds shocking.”

She went on to add: “It also brings this all up again for us which is always very hard. I said a few months back I didn’t understand why it was called Amanda Knox when my daughter was the victim.”

Meredith Kercher, the 21-year-old British murder victim, is portrayed by Amanda Fernando Stevens. Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere portrays Amanda Knox.

The film which has been made for the US television channel ‘Lifetime’ is described as being “based on a true story” and comes with the tagline “there are two sides to every story.”

The description reads: “Knox was painted as an oversexed, remorseless killer during her two-year trial leading up to her conviction and subsequent sentencing to 26 years in jail.”

The film suggests the question of whether Knox committed the crime or was herself a victim.

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