Has American Apparel gone one risqué campaign too far?

American Apparel

American Apparel

American Apparel’s new campaign has caused much controversy as the public render it ‘creepy’ and ‘out of hand’.

The company, that currently faces bankruptcy, is pulling out the stops in their new campaign to gain attention.

Renowned for its highly risqué and controversial campaigns, the brand recently claimed to have overhauled its image, but judging by the new posters that are due to appear in various publications, it seems they have changed their mind.

The posters show half-naked models accompanied by the American Apparel trademark caption, and a brief description of their background.

One of the new posters to be released soon shows a young-looking ‘classically trained ballerina’ lifting her arms to show hair in her underarms.

Another sees a very young looking ‘college student’ swinging on a tree in nothing but a shirt and knee-high socks.

The subject has proven to be highly controversial and has provoked many comments to be made via Twitter.

Similar adverts have been banned in the past by numerous advertising authorities.

American Apparel recently agreed not to display an ad that had the potential to ‘widely offend’ people.

However, in 2007 the company displayed two billboards in New York and Los Angeles with an image of Woody Allen’s character from Annie Hall dressed as a Rabbi.

Allen later sued the company for $10million and branded it ‘sleazy’ and ‘infantile’.

The future of the company looks bleak as they received losses of up to $7million for the three month to June, increasing their debts to $120.3 million.

Will American Apparel peril from their latest controversial campaigns? Or have they just increased their popularity?

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