Harry Potters Radcliffe never reads his own reviews

BAFTA Awards

BAFTA Awards

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he never reads the reviews of his own performances, whilst talking to Katie Couric on CBS News.

Katie was talking about a positive review he had received for his performance in Equus, but Radcliffe responded, “I don’t read the reviews… If you’re going to read the good ones, you have to read the bad ones. And I certainly don’t want to read the bad ones! So I’m not going to read the good ones.

“The closest thing I’ve done to that is, I once went online and read, like, something people were saying about me. And that was just the biggest mistake… It is like opening a door into a room of people telling you how terrible you are.”

Radcliffe also explained why he doesn’t use Twitter.

He explained, “I think Twitter is a really strange thing, because there are certain people in the world who are naturally epigrammatic, and can say things very concisely, and very brilliantly, in natural space and time. But I think they are a very small number of people.”

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