Google Street View: Bringing the Amazon into your home

Google mapping the Amazon rainforest

Google mapping the Amazon rainforest

Google has left no stone uncovered when it has come down to its Street View service. They have mapped Whistler in the Canadian Rockies and Stonehenge has got the treatment, but the new revelation is that Google will be taking its magic to the Amazon, bringing the rainforest into the comfort of people’s homes.

Mapping the South American rainforest

The internet powerhouse is looking into the prospect of mapping the South American rainforest for its latest Street View project. The trike that is usually seen pedalled along roads with a camera attached  on a pole is this time a boat with a pole attached to record the pictures from around the waterways.

Google have somehow acquired the assistance of Amazon locals who will use the Google trike in the traditional manner and cycle through villages which lay alongside the river, this will allow Google to obtain images of the most remote and biodiverse areas in the entire world.

The images taken in Germany, India and Austria have caused some controversy with people complaining that the images have invaded their privacy since Google do not ask the approval of people who end up in the images.

The cameras have been welcomed with a positive reaction from many people. The foundation For A Sustainable Amazon have invited the Google team to the region.

Promote awareness of the region

Many of the people and cultures of the Amazon have been inaccessible to the much of the world, and the Foundation For A Sustainable Amazon are working to promote awareness of the region’s indigenous population. Some of the camera and recording equipment will be left over with charity workers being taught to use the equipment.

Karin Tuxen-Bettman of Google Earth Outreach said: “By teaching locals how to operate these tools, they can continue sharing their points of view, culture and ways of life with audiences across the globe.”

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