Glee star Lea Michelle under fire for racy photoshoot

Lea Michele

Lea Michele

Glee star and favourite Lea Michele has received widespread criticism for a photoshoot she did with women’s magazine, Cosmopolitan.

The magazine, which is known for its racy content, showed pictures of Michele showing off her cleavage.

Angry parents, whose children idolise the star, have complained about the actress, whose on screen character, Rachel, is a role model to viewers and dresses very modestly.

Only 4 months ago the glee cast appeared in GQ magazine, posing provocatively, causing further complaints, although Cosmopolitan editors were quick to defend the star.

A spokesperson for the publication says, “We’re thrilled to feature Lea Michele on the March cover of Cosmopolitan and think she looks stunning. Michele is a grown woman and Cosmopolitan is a magazine is for adults.”

Do you think the actress dressed outrageously, and should she be allowed to wear what she wants when not acting on the show?

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