Gervais invited to host Golden Globes again

Gervais asked to host awards again

Gervais asked to host awards again

Ricky Gervais says he has already been asked to host the Golden Globes again, despite the controversy he caused this year.

However he is not sure that he will do it.

“The ratings went up again, and the organisers asked me to consider a third year. I don’t think I should” the comedian said “I don’t know what I could do better. I certainly couldn’t get more press for them, that’s for sure,”

Gervais made personal comments about several Hollywood stars such as Robert Downey Jr and Mel Gibson. He even referred to one film which featured “two heterosexual actors pretending to be gay… so the complete opposite of some famous Scientologists then.”

In an article in this week’s heat magazine, Gervais said “I did exactly what I went to do: improve on last year’s and have a laugh. The response was staggering. It was discussed on every news channel and chat show for weeks.”

“The weird thing is, the question is always, ‘Did Ricky go too far?’ And the answer is always, ‘No.’ I have yet to find anyone who was actually offended by it.”

Ricky appeared on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN to defend his performance, saying that it was his job to ‘roast’ the stars at the ceremony.

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