Galstonbury Festival Extends to Five Days and Tickets Sell Out in Only Four Hours

The 2011 Glastonbury Festival will be held for five days and is expected to have over 500 performances.

The 2011 Glastonbury Festival will be held for five days and is expected to have over 500 performances.

The Glastonbury Festival is set to be as spectacular as ever in 2011. It celebrated its 40 year anniversary this year. The 195 pound tickets for the event went on sale yesterday and sold out in four hours after being made available. The festival gives an economic boost to the area of Somerset as visitors come into town for the festival.

The lineup of performers has not been announced but rumors have it that since U2 was scheduled for 2010’s event and had to pull out that they will be performing in 2011. Take That and Kylie Minogue are also expected to be part of the festival’s headliners.

Michael Eavis, the festival’s boss and coordinator since its inception, and owner of the Worthy Farm where the event is held said: “The headliner’s next year are absolutely fantastic, I can guarantee that. It’ll be on par with this year, and possibly slightly better even.” As far as the three biggest headliners, he added the festival had secured “the three biggest bands in the world. You won’t believe who we’ve got.”

When asked if he had plans to retire after these 40 years, he said “No”. “Maybe I’ve got another 10 years possibly left in me,” the 75-year-old said. “I’ve got no signs of giving up at the moment but I certainly need all the help I can get. [My daughter] Emily will be in a good place to take the show on eventually.”

Once tickets went on sale websites and phone lines were busy as ticket holders tried to secure their entry to the major event. Since the tickets sold out in 4 hours many were left disappointed. Organizers released a statement concerning those that were unable to get tickets: “We’re very sorry to those of you who didn’t get tickets, and acknowledge there were some issues with the website and phone line due to the sheer volume of people trying to get through.”

The 2011 festival will be held for five days on June 22-26, versus the usual three days the festival has covered in the past. There will not be a festival the following year due to the London Olympic Games which will commence in July 2012.

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