Gaga to create two music videos for Born This Way.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga will make not one, but two music videos for her latest single, Born This Way, in an effort to make it up to her fans.

Gaga’s followers, of who there are many millions, were less than impressed with her new single, complaining that it was just a rip off of Madonna’s Express Yourself.

Her new single was releases earlier this month, with much hype, but has flopped in her fans eyes, so Gaga is hoping two video’s will make up for their disappointment.

Despite the complaints, and GaGa’s claim she had Madonna’s “complete support” the song still went straight to number one in the States, proving that Gaga is the complete popstar.

Gaga will release a stripped down version of her new song, and give the proceeds to charity..

Gaga said, “I do have some exciting news about the new single. I’ve been so excited about (the) reaction and seeing the fans be so excited during the show every time we play Born This Way, it’s been really amazing. I’ve made two music videos for the song.

“So there’s one that’s coming out on Monday. But then I’m actually putting together another video, which is a more stripped-down version of the song that will be released on iTunes and also released as an audio file. A portion of the money raised selling the song is actually going to go towards an anti-bully charity.”

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