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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Since her debut single Just Dance hit stores in 2008 Lady Gaga has become the most iconic and most photographed celebrity of the decade. Therefor it seemed like a natural progression for the eccentric starlet when it was revealed that she would be working with Polaroid.

Equally iconic instant photography brand collaborated with the first lady of pop to develop her own range of quirky gadgets Polaroid Grey Label by Haus of Gaga.
The flamboyant singer took over Las Vegas’ technology exhibition, the Consumer Electronics Show, for the second year running. Gaga was unveiled as Creative Director by the camera company last year and has returned with the goods presenting three new products from the line.

Lady Gaga’s style sensibilities are evident in her designs with items that are always chic and occasionally kooky. Grey Label includes the highly conceptual Polarez GL20 statement sunglasses with an integrated camera. These shades will capture whatever you are looking at and project the image on the lenses for others to see what you see.

A more practical piece is the fun portable mini printer the Polaprinter GL10. It allows you to wirelessly send images from your camera phone anywhere so you can print photographs on the move.

Company Chairman Bobby Sager accompanied Gaga on stage as she showed the crowd her pièce de résistance a brand new instant camera the Polaroid GL30. The retro appearance is in keeping with the traditional Polaroid look and hides the high-tech wonders within. It works like the camera has for decades but now images can be altered before they are printed. Owners of the GL30 will also be able to sync it with their phones.

Grey Label by Haus of Gaga is expected to go on sale in time for Christmas 2011

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