Fun Pixies set plans for Tim Wheeler

Tim Wheeler

Tim Wheeler

Ash singer, Tim Wheeler, has revealed that he is planning a ‘fun’ set of Pixies songs.

The Ash frontman revealed he would perform covers alongside four other groups in tribute of the band at the JD Set concert to be held in London, adding that he didn’t take long to pick his tribute target.

The ‘Girl From Mars’ rocker is set to perform the covers alongside four groups for this year’s JD Set concert in London, and said it didn’t take him long to choose which band he wanted to pay tribute to.

“They said to me I can work with whoever I want and can do any band or any album you like.” He said.

“I had a little think about it, but really, I guess it took about five minutes to go for The Pixies.

“With the amount of songs they have in their catalogue and how much they have influenced everyone, I thought it would be just really fun.”

Tim plans on playing with Emmy the Great, And So I Watch You From Afar, Ma Mentor and The Crookes at the concert and added: “I’m a bit apprehensive about some of the vocals because one part of it is the incredible scream.

“I’m not doing ‘Tame’ which would be a full on vocal shredder, I’ll do a bit of that, and the concerts will have a slightly different vibe and pace no some tracks, but it’ll be ace.”

The set will take place on March 24th.

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