Frisbee: The Best Catch Ever

Possibly the best catch in history

Possibly the best catch in history

The video shows what is quite possibly the greatest Frisbee catches of all time, anyone would be would be very hard pressed to find one that comes close to this catch. The flying disc as it is more commonly referred to as, since the term Frisbee has been a registered trademark of the Wham-O toy company, is thrown and caught recreationally as part of different games.

Speed boat

In the video Derek Herron finds himself in position to make one of the greatest catches of the flying disc ever recorded on camera. He is seen leaping of the speedboat and catching the flying disc on-handed in mid-air very elegantly before he lands in the water.

At the other end of the spectacle was Brodie Smith, Frisbee champion, who threw the disc a massive 150m from a bridge in Perth, Western Australia. Weather conditions looked perfect for the feat which is even more impressive the more times the clip is watched, not only must the catch be applauded but the catch was made possible by the throw, the driving and then the gutsy grab of the disc.

Smith launched the disc using an open handed or forehanded throw, many who throw the disc for fun will always stick with the standard back-handed throw in which the throw is led by the arm with the disc. As such the Frisbee champion did not disappoint with a highly accurate throw which made it possible for the boat driver to track the disc and position himself as best he could.

The catch has become an internet hit after it was posted in the public domain with the majority just as impressed, at present more than a million people have watched the ‘amazing catch’.

Brodie Smith is well known for his videos and this one by the Frisbee crazy-man is just as if not more impressive than his others. He has been seen throwing a frisbee against a basketball backboard, then turning and throwing the disc the full length of the court straight into the hoop.

Cult sport

The interest in the flying disc has been something resigned to the cult aspect of culture, for many there is no attraction in throwing the dart, however for others there is a huge interest  with the Ultimate frisbee competition gaining more interest as the time progresses.

With the sport growing in popularity it won’t be long before it starts to make moves in the mainstream since the game doesn’t require a perfectly looked after ground and the equipment to play it is a solitary item.

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