Filming of the Hobbit movies to start next month

Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson, the man behind the Lord of the Rings trilogy, has revealed that the filming of the two Hobbit movies will finally start next month.

Filming is set to take place in New Zealand and Jackson said, “Despite some delays we are fully back on track and very excited to get started,”

The movie has face various problems, including a row over actors pay leading to the films makers threatening to move filming.

The first of the films is due out in the UK in December 2012, but may be put back after Jacksons hospitalization due to stomach pains last month put things further behind schedule.

Native New Zealander Jackson also filmed the Lord of the Rings trilogy in New Zealand and finally got his wish to film his new films there after the government granted them tax breaks and changed unemployment laws to make paying the actors feasible.

Martin Freeman is due to star as Bilbo Baggins again, and the movie finally looks set to go ahead.

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