Felicity Jackson fired from The Apprentice

Felicity Jackson in the hot seat on The Apprentice

Felicity Jackson in the hot seat on The Apprentice

24-year-old Felicity Jackson was the first woman to get the boot from Sir Alan Sugar this season after failing a beauty task.

Both teams were set the task of picking and mastering two beauty treatments, then selling them on to shoppers in Birmingham. Unfortunately, team manager Felicity focused on selling products instead of treatments and her team ended up with a loss of £247 while the competition made a £203 profit.

In hindsight, Jackson admits her role was critical in the disastrous outcome for her team. “I was project manager and the task was awful, it went really badly. I think when it goes that badly you do have to bear some responsibility on the project manager’s shoulders and unfortunately that was me.”

However, she wasn’t so self-critical in the boardroom, choosing to bring back Ellie Reed and Natasha Scribbins as two of the teammates to blame for the poor outcome. Tables turned when both laid the blame on her, making for a tense showdown which saw all three women leaving the building without a handshake.

Felicity insists the less than fond farewell “really wasn’t a big deal.” But Lord Sugar did make his disappointment understood: “This was a disastrous task and a lot of decisions weren’t really made.”

Season 7 of “The Apprentice” continues on BBC One on Wednesday nights at 21:00.

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