Fans of “2 Minute Silence” Hope to See the Single at the Top of the Charts by Remembrance Sunday

The 2 minute silence single was released to raise charity funds for the Royal British Legion.

The 2 minute silence single was released to raise charity funds for the Royal British Legion.

It takes thousands of fans to put a new release to the top of the charts. That is just what Facebook fans of the new digital download “2 Minute Silence” are trying to do in getting the single to top. It is a new release to raise charity funds for the Royal British Legion. What makes this release different is that it has no artist and there is no music or singing, it is as its title suggests, it is two minutes of silence.

The track is £1 and though it doesn’t contain any audio there is an accompanying video that features well-known public figures, artists, athletes and celebrities. Key contributors to the video are the faces of both serving and injured soldiers. The release can be played on any device that has a screen such as a computer or MP3 player. It is not available as a compact disk or other physical format.

The Royal British Legion is hoping that people will purchase the track and watch it on Remembrance Sunday, November 11, which it is custom that people stop and observe two minutes of silence in remembrance of those that serve on the eleventh hour, eleventh day, of the eleventh month. The Royal British Legion’s Director General, Chris Simpkins, said that the public quickly will recognize the significance of there being silence and a reflective moment instead of a recorded song. The single can be purchased at Funds are used to support serving troops and veterans and their families.

Iron Maiden front man and now radio DJ, Bruce Dickinson said: “My first thought about the 2 Minute Silence single was that it was the work of a madman – my second thought was no, it’s the work of a genius! It’s an honour to be involved with it.”

Grammy Award winning DJ, producer and musician Mark Ronson commented, “This is such an important charity, I had to get involved. The British Legion raises money for such a vital cause. It was a no-brainer. And the idea of releasing a record of pure silence is genius.”

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