Entertainment: Tintin Film Spikes Comic Sales

The boy reporter has captured generations of readers in Europe.

The boy reporter has captured generations of readers in Europe.

Steven Spielberg’s new 3D adaptation of classic comic book hero Tintin has made its world premiere in Brussels in Saturday to glowing reviews by the Belgian press.

The Belgian comic book adventures may make a comeback with this film, as new generations and countries around the globe will be exposed to the boy reporter that has been hugely popular in Europe.

New audiences

Spielberg has said that American audiences will see his newest endeavour as an original movie rather than a film adaptation.

Hopefully, he said, viewers who see and like the film would become fresh fans of “The Adventures of Tintin,” first written in 1929.

Spielberg also said his film’s success in America could turn into a huge success for Tintin writer Herge’s legacy, as perhaps the books would be published in North America for the first time in 80 years.

The American director has won the hearts of Belgian press and royalty alike, as he sported a lapel pin with crossed American and Belgian flags. After pre-screening press conference for the movie, Spielberg was even made a commander of the order of the Belgian crown.

Uptick in sales

Steven Spielberg, who directed huge American blockbusters such as E.T. and Jaws, said that he spoke with author Herge before he died in 1983. Herge told Spielberg that he was a big fan of Raiders of the Lost Ark and that he would like him to adapt his books into movies.

Spielberg said that his conversation with Herge was one of the most exciting phone calls of his life.

The adaptation is not just good for the blockbuster director, but for comic book shops all over Europe. Belgium’s comic book store owners say that they have experienced a definite “uptick in sales” because of Tintin.

They usually do as older characters are revamped into current films, as the Smurfs movie sparked a resurgence of Smurf sales at comic book stores as well. However, store owners say that this is happening even more so with Tintin.

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