Entertainment: Lennon’s Tooth To Be Auctioned

The item is so rare that it may well reach six figures, auctioneers say.

The item is so rare that it may well reach six figures, auctioneers say.

We’ve heard of strange, weird celebrity artefacts being sold at auction before. But the latest announcement that John Lennon’s tooth will be sold at auction is likely as strange as they come.

The tooth was given to the Beatles’ house keeper, Dot Jarlett, in the late 1960s when she was working for him at Kenwood mansion in Surrey.

It is set to be auctioned on 5 November in Stockport.


Dot Jarlett’s son, Barry Jarlett, said that John Lennon pulled the tooth out in the kitchen of the Weybridge property, and wrapped it in a piece of paper.

Lennon then told Dot to dispose of the tooth, or give it to her daughter “as a souvenir”, as he knew she was a Beatles fan.

Jarlett’s son says the keepsake was “very personal” to the family, and that Dot Jarlett did eventually give it to her daughter, who has kept it safe for more than four decades.

Barry Jarlett went on to say that Lennon was “very generous” to his mother Dot, even calling her Aunty Dot and treating her like family because he did not have a large family of his own.

Barry Jarlett says that “he really looked after” his mother.

Auction predictions

The tooth, to be sold at auction for a predicted £10,000, comes with an official affidavit signed by Mrs. Jarlett. She has previously sold other items that she was given during her time spent working for the Beatle.

These items include the original jacket worn by John Lennon on the Rubber Soul album cover, which collectors went mad for.

Karen Fairweather, of the Omega Auctions firm that will be selling the tooth, said that it was “the most wonderful and weird item” that the firm has ever put up for sale.

She went on to say that because of the item’s truly unique nature, it is difficult to accurately put a value on it.

Though the auction firm expects it go to for at least £10,000, Ms. Fairweather says that “it is not unknown” for rare items such as Lennon’s tooth to be able to reach hundreds of thousands of pounds in price.

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