Emily Blunt wishes she’d been to university

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt

Actress Emily Blunt has revealed she wishes she hadn’t missed out on the experiences of going to university.

Blunt, who is now 28, starred in her first movie at 20,and has had to live in the public eye ever since.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, she revealed she wished she could have had the chance to mess up, without appearing all over the papers.

“I just wish I’d had that experience and that time to really mess up, and to be around fellow people who had no idea that they were throwing caution to the wind.”

Blunt is now married to fellow actor, John Krasinki, and having dated Michael Buble, feels fulfilled to have found her husband.

She explained: “When you’re attempting to grow up at an accelerated rate, in order to have some kind of acceptance among your peers, I think you’re dancing as fast as you can sometimes.

“I feel like I’ve been on a big learning curve. I’ve messed up and I’ve arrived out the other end.

“And I’m lucky to have ended up with John and to realise that relationships don’t have to be an endurance test.

“I feel personally fulfilled right now, and lucky enough to have in John someone who is truly comfortable in his own skin and truly knows who he is.”

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