Ellie Reed and Vincent Disneur in a double elimination shocker on ‘The Apprentice’

Ellie Reed and Vincent Disneur

Ellie Reed and Vincent Disneur

Last night, Lord Alan Sugar shocked two of the Apprentice hopefuls by firing two of them instead of the usual one per week.

Disneur was the project manager of the latest task of creating and marketing a new dog food. They named their product ‘Every Dog’ despite being advised by a vet that you cannot feed all dogs the same food.

The task ended in a disaster and Disneur chose to take Reed and fellow contestant Natasha Scribbins into the boardroom to face Lord Sugar, despite Jim Eastwood having been a prime mover in the debacle.

Initially, Lord Sugar focused on Reed telling her she had not been ‘forceful’ enough. He continued: “I haven’t seen much of you Ellie and I don’t think I could go into business with you, so I’m going to tell you that – You’re Fired!”

Then, in a shocking move, Lord Sugar turned to Disneur explaining that he had led a ‘real mess’ before firing him as well.

Although Lord Sugar told Disneur he was “too in awe” of other people competing in the BBC One show, Reed thinks he was sacked because of his “cocky reaction” to her firing.

She believes: “He should have just fired Vince. He certainly didn’t smooth talk me or any of the other girls in there and I don’t think Lord Sugar is the type of person who can be smooth talked by someone like Vince.

“I think he thought he was too smug when I got fired and just decided off the cuff to fire him as well. I don’t think it was decided in advance, it was just Vince’s cocky reaction and thinking he’d escaped it that landed him in it.”

The battle in the boardroom continues on BBC One on Wednesday nights at 21:00.

Watch Vincent Disneur and Ellie Reed on BBC Breakfast here:

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