Edna Agbarha out of the Apprentice over a measly £6

Edna Agbarha

Edna Agbarha

Edna Agbarha is the latest victim of Lord Sugar’s weekly boardroom battle. The 36-year-old business psychologist was given the boot by Lord Alan Sugar on “The Apprentice” last night after her team managed to lose a task in the junk removal business.

Edna’s project manager Zoe Beresford decided to call both Edna and other team member Glenn Ward into the boardroom to face Lord Alan Sugar over their failed task which they only lost by £6.

Whilst in the boardroom, Agharha, who interprets and predicts people’s behaviour for a living, admitted she was taken aback at just how ferocious her fellow teammates became.

She explained further: “I almost had an out of body experience when I was in the boardroom because I was analysing the situation. You’re being shot at from all different corners and what you see on TV doesn’t encapsulate the viciousness of it. It’s ferocious.”

Whilst in the boardroom, Agbarha believes that project manager Zoe protected Glenn Ward owing to their close relationship. She thinks it clouded Zoe’s judgement.

“Zoe is very fond of Glenn and I think that’s perhaps why she let him slip away from the blame. He was the only one who had any experience in the field whatsoever – he should have been project manager in the first place. I have no idea if they’re a couple or what.”

Regardless of being fired, Edna enjoyed her time on “The Apprentice”, finding it “fantastically enjoyable” even after Lord Sugar criticised that she may have taken credit for more than her due.

However, Agbarha firmly believes she should “take credit for a number of accomplishments” as she has been a part of several winning tasks: “Being part of a winning team is not something that just happens, you do have to contribute in a positive way, and we had some really good wins.”

She has managed to stay in touch with a few contestants since filming the series: “I have kept in touch with a number of the contestants. We all get on really well and have been out for dinner a few times.”

As for predicting the winner, she thinks the winner will be the person who can keep out of the boardroom, the person who is the most personable, charming and diplomatic. She is hedging her bets on Jim or Helen.

Watch Edna’s audition tape for “The Apprentice” here:

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