Does Ronnie want ex wife Jo Wood back?

linkcelebs latestpix

linkcelebs latestpix

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood is reportedly looking to get back with ex wife Jo Wood after falling out with his girlfriend.

The rock and roll star finalised his divorce from Jo after 24 years of marriage just last month, but after splitting in July 2008 now wants her back.

He has since been in a relationship with Brazilian polo player Ana Araujo.

Sources have told the Daily Mail newspaper, “Ronnie saw Jo this week and they had a heart-to-heart. He told her he still loves her and she is the love of his life. He realises that he has made a mistake. It’s a typical Ronnie thing to do.

“Jo is only just getting her life back on track, so it all very difficult for her – but of course, she still loves him, he’s the father of her children, she will always have feelings for him.”

Ronnie, 63, is believed to have become tired of Ana, 30 years his junior, although they haven’t had an actual bust up.

A close friend of the star added: “Ronnie and Ana have been having troubles – and the likelihood is they’ll call it quits officially in the next few days. They had a wonderful time in South America at Christmas, but since they got back Ronnie has had a complete change of heart. It’s as if he has tired of Ana.”

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