David Beckham helps out stranded family



England and La Galaxy star David Beckham has left a family “awestruck” after helping them to safety when their car broke down.

The driver was dad Paul Long, who was driving his two kids, Josephine, 6, and Fabien, 8, to their school yesterday when his Nissan Primera broke down.

Stranded at a roundabout, with traffic flowing quickly by, Paul was stuck as it was too dangerous to get out.

Paul, speaking to BBC Radio Five said, “It was hair-raising having children in the back. We had been there for ten minutes. I couldn’t do anything – cars were whizzing past,”

“As [the man] got out I said to the kids, ‘It’s just a hoodie.’ Then the hood slipped down to reveal him in a bobble hat. He had negotiated his way through the traffic on foot. I wound the window down and said, ‘You’re David Beckham!’

“My kids were awestruck.”

David, who is known for being a genuinely nice guy, asked the family if they were okay and helped them push the car to safety.

After Paul told David he loved him, he left Englands most capped outfield player red faced.

“I have always admired him but I’m his biggest fan now, although I feel a bit stupid that I told him I loved him,” Paul admitted.

Becks is still in England training with Tottenham before he goes back to LA to play for Galaxy when their season begins again in March.

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