Dave ja vu; TV channel faces legal accusations

Dave under attack

Dave under attack

A popular digital TV channel faces a legal battle following accusations surrounding the channel name’s trademarking.

The TV channel Dave is most famous for its re-runs of Mock the Week and motoring show Top Gear.

The channel is facing accusations due to a London-based brand consultancy Dave over the use of the name.

The London branding firm succeeded in blocking the channel’s trademark application after a submission to the EU Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market.

UKTV are the owners of the television station, and is aimed at a younger male audience and is popular for its schedule of comedy and entertainment shows.

Dave was set up in 2007, continuing to pursue their application for trademark of its name despite the acknowledgment that the branding firm has employed the marque first.

The branding consultancy was set in 2003 but the name Dave was never registered as a trademark, despite advising clients such as iTV, Nokia and TalkTalk on the subject.

A complaint was made against Dave by OHIM in categories covering broadcasting, advertising, production and distribution of television programmes and interactive entertainment.

OHIM ruled in favour of UKTV with regards to the use of the name Dave on decorative magnets and stationery.

The TV channel is left with two months to choose whether it will appeal against the decision.

If found not to appeal, the marketing services group which owns the consultancy, Lawyers for Engine could look for compensation from the television company.

Founder and chief executive of branding consultancy, Dave, Dan Bobby, said “As a specialist brand consultancy, we understand the important nature of trademarks and we will protect our own brand vigorously as we would protect our clients’, including using the full force of the law, if required.”

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