Danny Boyle advises people not to bet on his film for Oscar upset



Despite being an Oscar winner already, Danny Boyle has advised fans against betting on his movie, 127 hours, to cause an upset at this year’s Oscars.

After winning his Oscar for ‘Best Director’ in 2009 in a run that saw his film Slumdog Millionaire take 8 Oscars, Boyle said he has been fascinated by the race to win an Oscar.

After directing 127 hours this year, Boyle said, “We’re a bridesmaid this year, which is fine. It’s very good for us to be like that. It’s somebody else’s year,”

“There is always room for upsets and there will be one or two but I don’t think we will feature in any of them,” he added.

“What we’re very proud of is to be included in the process.”

His film 127 hours has seen him nominated for ‘Best Director’ again, and has 5 further nominations, but Boyle predicts The King’s Speech will have “a wonderful night”.

Boyle also expects Toy Story 3’s director, Lee Unkrick to win an award.

“That guy also has a good night in front of him,” Boyle said.

“They’ve been saying ever since he came out here that he’s absolutely guaranteed to win an Oscar.”

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