Dancing on Ices Chloe Madeley says smoking weed ‘no big deal’

Chloe Madeley

Chloe Madeley

Richard and Judy Madeleys daughter, Chloe, who is currently starring on Dancing on Ice, has hit back at reports about her smoking cannabis as ‘no big deal.’

The 23-year-old star was responding to reports accompanied by a photo of her smoking a bong in her teens, which appeared in papers at the weekend.

She said yesterday, ‘If I’m going to be totally honest, I don’t think that smoking weed is that big a deal.

‘I was really worried that people were going to be angry with me because I know how people feel about drugs. I immediately apologised.

‘But, with the exception of skunk, which has been proven to be dangerous, I think people might be surprised how many people smoke weed.

‘I don’t think a 19-year-old doing it in a field with ten of her best friends is something to send everyone into uproar.

‘This is controversial and I know some people won’t like it but I’m not going to lie. I don’t think smoking weed is that big a deal.

‘I think it’s pretty nothing, actually. I am sorry if I’ve offended anyone. I don’t want to upset anyone, especially my parents’ fans.

‘That’s not my fanbase to upset and that wasn’t my intention but I think there are worse things in life, really.’

She also claimed she’s no longer a party girl, after also getting banned for 20 months for driving whilst twice the legal limit.

‘I definitely used to be a party girl,’ she said. ‘You do get invited to loads of things in this industry that you think would be quite cool. And it is fun at first. But the truth is you learn quite quickly that they’re quite boring.’

She was also quick to defend her position on the show, saying, ‘People think I just dropped out of university and went, “Mum, Dad, get me a job in television,”

‘I did drop out of uni, but I worked in PR for a while and then I worked as a runner on Loose Women, The Alan Titchmarsh Show and Hairy Bikers, so I know how the industry works.’

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