Dancing on Ice’s Chloe Madeley received help to deal with panic attacks

Chloe Madeley

Chloe Madeley

Dancing on Ice star, Chloe Madeley admitted that she turned to a specialist to help her deal with panic attacks while she was competing on the show.

Madeley, who is the 23 year-old daughter of Richard and Judy, spoke to Radio 5 and revealed she had suffered an anxiety attack during a ice routine whilst live on air.

Madeley added that she had started having the attacks when she was 20, but had been able to control the tears, but the pressure of live TV had made it uncontrollable.

Speaking to Phil Williams on the Radio 5 show, she said, “I’ve always kind of suffered from anxiety attacks, well not always, when I was about 20 they started, and I managed to get them under control.

“But obviously doing a show like Dancing On Ice when you’re going out there in front of three judges and an audience and cameras who are broadcasting to, you know, ten plus million people, it can get quite overwhelming.

“I found about two or three weeks ago, I started having a panic attack in the middle of my routine while we were live on air and I just thought as soon as it ended I ran off crying and into Hayley Tamaddon’s (who won last year) arms, and I thought to myself: that cannot happen again.

“So I’ve started to see someone who is basically helping me to not have a panic attack again and it’s really working, so I definitely would recommend it to those of you that are in a similar situation.”

Talking about the treatment, she added: “I personally think that I mentally need to deal with it and once I’ve done it that way the anxiety will just turn into adrenaline.”

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