Damon praises Affleck for re finding form

Matt Damon

Matt Damon

Hollywood superstar Matt Damon has praised best friend Ben Affleck for turning round his career, after the Pearl Harbour star fell out of favour with Hollywood.

Damon and Affleck co-wrote and starred in Good Will Hunting with Robin Williams in 1997, a film that won two Oscars.

Affleck soon found himself in the public eye, following high profile relationships with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez.

Affleck followed his success in Good Will Hunting with Pearl Harbour, but was slated for his roles in Gigle, with Lopez, and Jersey Girl.

After failing to find further acting work, Affleck turned to film making, and his 2007 flick, Gone Baby Gone was a hit, and won the Hollywood Film Festival Award for Breakthrough Director of the Year.

Affleck also directed The Town, which was a big success and Damon told Piers Morgan how well Ben had done.

“Ben kind of fell out of favour, he got just a crushing amount of publicity in his personal life and that made people, I think, loath to work for him a little while there, he was kind of in the penalty box.

“He did what we did originally did… Gone Baby Gone, his directorial debut… he wrote that directed it and then with The Town, he couldn’t get a job as an actor that he wanted so he wrote it for himself and directed it.”

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