Cristiano Ronaldo to be dad again

Ronaldo Irina

Ronaldo Irina

Reports have emerged suggesting that Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo could be set to become a father again, as his fiancée Irina Shayk is thought to be pregnant.

Ronaldo, a former Manchester United favourite, already has one child, after allegedly getting a British girl pregnant and paying her £10million to give up all parental rights to the child.

In Ronaldo’s homeland, Portuguese paper, Correio da Manha, claim that his fiancée has been spotted sporting a small bump.

A friend of the star told the paper, “Cristiano loves being a father.

“Although they weren’t planning on having a baby so soon, the truth is that nothing makes him happier than his son. And the birth of the boy awakened Irina’s desire to become a mother.”

The friend continued, “They had been talking about marriage. Cristiano wanted something very special and romantic, and on Valentine’s Day he travelled to New York to surprise Irina. He asked her to marry him.”

Ronaldo’s mum Dolores, who looks after Ronaldo’s first baby while he plays, wants the couple to marry in the footballer’s home town of Funchal, on the Portuguese island of Madeira.

The friend added, “At the moment there are lots of options open, but if it were down to Ronaldo’s mother the wedding would be in Madeira.”

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  1. March 1, 2011 at 2:33 pm Tina Commented:

    If she would want to be a mother, she would first meet his son nd show some love towards that kid, since that poor baby doesn’t see his dad coz of her… what mothers instincts r u talking abt…….Marriage????? Please Cristiano is only 26 nd he is supper-star, why would he want to get married now

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