Cowell labels Aguilera’s SuperBowl performance as bad

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has described Christina Aguilera’s SuperBowl performance as “bad.”

The singer has now become ultra famous, after singing the wrong words during the glitzy opening to Americas ‘biggest show on earth’

Cowell said, “It sounded like 100,000 people in a stadium had just sat on a cat.”

He then continued, “I always say this, this is what happens when you perform in front of an audience – even someone as experienced as Christina. You can get it wrong. That was bad.”

Simon Cowell has worked with Christina Aguilera before as she appeared on this year’s X Factor final.

The star performed a duet with eventual runner-up, Rebecca Ferguson, and drew complaints from shocked viewers as she wore a burlesque outfit and completed an overly sexy dance routine whilst singing.

We’re not too sure the multi-million album selling star will take too much notice of Simons comments though.

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