Colin Firth against swear free release

Best Actor

Best Actor

Oscar winner Colin Firth has revealed he is against an edited version of The King’s Speech being released, as it would alter the impact of his swearing role.

Firth, who won the Best Actor award for his role in the movie, was adamant such a release would ruin the movie for the viewer.

“I don’t take this stuff lightly, but in the context of this film, it could not be more edifying, more appropriate. It’s not vicious, it’s not an insult or it’s not in any of the contexts which might offend people,”

The films distributors have submitted a more child friendly version of the film for classification after the original was given an R rating in the states, meaning it couldn’t be watched by anyone under 17.

The film has taken over $100million in the States, despite the rating, and won four Oscars last night.

The film features King George VI, who used swearing to overcome his stammering problems to make important speeches.

“Really, it’s about a man who’s trying to free himself through the use of certain words,” Colin said. “I still haven’t met the person who would object, so I think the film should stand as it is.”

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