Cold feet for Dancing On Ice contestant Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona to appear on Dancing On Ice

Kerry Katona to appear on Dancing On Ice

Kerry Katona is fearing the worst as she approaches the launch of Dancing On Ice, in which she will be competing.

Kerry will join seven other contestants including Vanilla Ice and Coronation Street star Steven Arnold in the show which starts this Sunday evening.

But the ex atomic kitten member fears her ‘cha’v label will have viewers voting against her in early stages of the show.

She said “I’m so nervous al the time and apologetic. It’s like, Chris and Jayne, and then chavtastic Kerry Katona has come on their show.

“I just think, “How the hell can I do this? I feel so out of my depth.”

She added “I feel like they’re such nice people, why am I here? I got a bit overwhelmed after the first few sessions because I couldn’t believe how nice everyone was. I’m not used to that.”

Former cocaine addict Kerry went to great efforts in 2010 to turn her life around, and hopes that her appearance on Dancing On Ice is helping her remain focussed and keep motivated, by contesting she admits that she hopes to make her four children proud.

She said “Everyone’s got a past so this is a fresh slate for everybody. I don’t think it would be fair for any of us, not just me, to be judged on our past.

“Every day I’m working. I’m on that ice for two hours, it keeps your mind of the other s***.”

The recovering star is happy to be partnered with Dan Whiston, she said “I had the biggest grin on my face when I found out he was my partner. I’m so happy.”.

Could this be a repeat of the recent Stricly Come Dancing romance?

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