Chuck Not Feeling so ‘Goode’

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry

The health of Chuck Berry has been called into question, after the 84 year old musician displayed unusual behaviour during a recent gig in Chicago.
A member of the audience claimed that Berry fell forward onto his face while playing his keyboard, and remained motionless until he was helped off stage. He then remained off stage for at least 20 minutes.

Upon his return the blues star began to tune his guitar, although he was escorted backstage almost straight away. He did, however, manage to perform his trademark “duck walk” before he left the stage.

It is said that he had been checked by paramedics prior to the performance, and that he had signed a release form and was therefore, happy to perform.

Since the gig, Berry’s agents have reported that he is “fine” and that he has not received any hospital treatment. Sources close to Berry have reported that he is in great shape, and that exhaustion was to blame due to him playing three shows in two days.

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