Christopher Nolan 4th on world film rich list

christopher nolan

christopher nolan

British director Christopher Nolan(Inception)  has been named the 4th highest earner during 2010 in a list compiled by Vanity Fair magazine.

Nolan came top of the British entries, with the magazine calculating his earnings at just over £42million.

Avatar director James Cameron led the way by quite some way, earning just under £160million, mainly off the back of the success of his film.

Robert Pattinson, famous for his roles in the vampire films, Twilight, was the second highest Brit, in 15th place having earned £17.1million.

Johny Depp came second in the list with both Alice in Wonderland and the Tourist earning him mega bucks. He was estimated to have earned £62million.

Spielberg made up the top three, with over half of his £50million coming from Universal theme park royalties.

Highest ranking actress was Christen Stewart, also from Twilight, who made £17.7million and took 13th place.

Michael Bay was last year’s leader after his Transformer films made him £77.6million.

Top 5 as below.

* 1. James Cameron – $257m (£159.4m)

* 2. Johnny Depp – $100m (£62m)

* 3. Steven Spielberg – $80m (£49.6m)

* 4. Christopher Nolan – $71.5m (£44.3m)

* 5. Leonardo DiCaprio – $62m (£38.5m)

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